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What Vaccines Does a New Puppy Need?


Vaccines help protect your puppy from serious health risks like parvo virus, but they do more than just that. Vaccines also protects other dogs from accidentally picking up an illness your puppy is carrying.

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Presents to Give to Dog Owners


Wouldn't it be great this season if you could stop by the animal shelter, scoop up the babies waiting for adoption and pass them out as presents for birthdays or holidays? Alas, animal experts agree that you shouldn't choose puppies and kittens as presents for friends and family-unless the recipient of the puppy or kitten wants a pet and is fully able to care for the living creature once the season has passed.

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Why Getting Your Dog Groomed Is So Important


When you bring a dog into your life and home, one of the things that you will quickly learn is that your dog's health and happiness becomes one of the issues at the forefront of your mind all the time. However, if you are a first-time dog owner, you might not know what you should do to keep them happy and healthy.

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